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Carpet Cleaning

We specialize in the hot-water extraction method of cleaning (aka, “steam-cleaning”).  Research has proven that hot-water extraction is the most effective method available for removing soil from carpeting.  By understanding and employing the balance of cleaning solution, dwell time, agitation, and temperature, we have confidence that your carpets will receive a deep and thorough cleaning.  We also inject a rinse formula into the clean water which strips away the detergents we use so that your carpet will be 99.9% free of residual chemicals which cause faster re-soiling.

Our detractors claim that steam-cleaning over-wets the carpet and saturates the underlayment which would likely to lead to bad odor, and potentially to mold growth.  In over thirty years of service, we have never had such a claim levied against our company.  That’s because we adhere to proper techniques and high-tech equipment which leave only the face fibers of your carpeting wet for a portion of the same day they were cleaned.  When conducted properly, our method removes more soil than all of the others by cleaning the full length of each fiber, not just the tips, and by vacuuming away captured soil.

NOTE:  While hot-water extraction is our preferred cleaning method, some venues may require faster drying time (e.g., high-traffic commercial areas, and condominium common areas).  For these situations, we offer a low-moisture alternative which typically dries in less than 45 minutes.  The method is known as “encapsulation” which traps soil in fine particles which can be vacuumed away.  We have found encapsulation to be better still than bonnet cleaning which often leaves behind a residue which stiffens the carpet fibers.

  Rug Cleaning
We are also qualified to clean your fine rugs.  We understand that they are often quite valuable, and must be handled with proper care.  That is why we offer to pick up your area rugs and take them to our shop where we can give them the attention they require.  We never use high pressure, high temperature, or aggressive chemicals on fine rugs.  We use a shampoo and rinse which leave your rug at the recommended pH level, with soft hand, and vibrant appearance.  When taken to our shop, we can also control the drying process, and work on restoring the brightness to those soiled fringes.

Upholstery Cleaning
We utilize a high-quality blend of detergents, solvents, and emulsifiers when preparing to clean your fabric upholstery.  This solution works to collect soil and break down the body oils which are so frequently found on certain parts of furniture.  We then rinse away the solution, dirt and oil in tow, with a specialty cleaning tool designed to provide maximum impact with minimal saturation.  Unlike carpeting which is usually thick and dense, your upholstery is typically much thinner, and does not need pressurized water to be jetted directly into it.  Our tool allows a controllable flow of water to glance off the surface of your upholstery at a nearly parallel angle of incidence, and immediately be recaptured by its powerful vacuum.  In most cases, your furniture will be dry in less than one hour after cleaning.

  Tile & Grout Cleaning
Our tile cleaning method is highly effective at restoring the original color of both tile and grout.  Cleaning the surface of most tile flooring is a cinch, but removing soil from porous grouting is another matter.  Our cleaning crew will move all of your furniture (with few exceptions), apply the necessary detergents to your floor, and then scrub each and every grout line by hand to ensure the release of oils and dirt through agitation.  After this, we thoroughly wash the tile and grout with very hot, pressurized water, but don’t worry, the water is contained beneath a boot and quickly extracted to prevent the splattering of structures and furnishings, AND the floors will be dry to the touch within 15 minutes!  Our crew will reset your furniture upon completion, and the house is yours to enjoy again.  If you are having your tile and grout cleaned, sealing the grout afterward is a great way to prevent future staining and discoloration by blocking the soils from deep penetration.  Please inquire about this highly recommended service.
  Water Damage Restoration
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